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Would you like to identify the specific areas in your life that will create more health, balance and vitality?

Your first visit is a special one.  Please download the forms from the links below and bring them to your first visit:

Your first visit includes:


Talk about your health and your goals

Computerized nervous system scan

Computerized Posture evaluation

Chiropractic and Neurologic evaluation

Food sensitivity evaluation

Organ function evaluation

Followed by a full-spine evaluation to determine its state of health or defense posture.

All of this allows us to specifically evaluate for defense posture and stress physiology which decrease brain function and create painful states and disease. These are detriments to natural healing and a sense of well-being in your body and life.


We accurately assess your current foundation, or level of health, and then use this same assessment to evaluate progress which creates a new foundation of functioning. 


You will also receive your first NSA spinal entrainment which will begin assisting you to move from a state of defense into safety, healing and eventually growth.


Plan on spending 90 minutes for your first visit.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about anything prior to your visit. Our goal is to provide the highest quality gentle holistic care for all of our neighbors from San Clemente, Dana Point to San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Niguel.

We look forward to seeing and serving you soon.

Warmest Regards