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We are very excited to welcome you to Spinal Vitality Integrative Chiropractic to receive Reorganizational Healing Care including Network Spinal Analysis. Your first visit is a special one that will begin the entire process. During your consultation we will have an opportunity to find out how we can best serve your needs by assessing you through a triad of Perception, Structure and Behavior. A fundamental part of this process is reviewing a detailed Comprehensive Health Profile. Please download the forms from the links below and fill them out to the best of your ability.

Health questionnaire                    Body form                     Wellness Wheel

The next form is our “Statement of Objective and Consent for Network Care“. Please print, read, sign and date the second page on the Practice Member line. Whereas the first form gives us pertinent information about you, this form tells you about the care we provide in our office – NSA Care – and some of the benefits of this particularly extraordinary and gentle chiropractic care.

NSA Consent Form

During the visit:

  • We will discuss your health problems as well as your past health history, to understand your Perception of things
  • Perform a computerized posture analysis and bi-lateral weight distribution to evaluate your Structure,
  • Perform a computerized analysis of your nervous system with the Insight Subluxation Station receiving a Core Score reflecting the Behavior component,
  • Followed by a full-spine evaluation to determine its state of health or defense posture.

All of this allows us to specifically evaluate for defense posture and stress physiology which create painful states and disease. These are detriments to natural healing and a sense of well-being in your body and life.

By analysing with the Triad of Perception; Structure and Behavior we can accurately assess your current foundation, or level of health, and then use this same assessment to evaluate progress that creates a new foundation of functioning. You can learn more by looking at the Triad of Change.

You will also receive your first NSA spinal entrainment which will begin assisting you to move from a state of defense into safety and eventually growth.


The goal of this care is to assist you in creating a self-correcting spine and nervous system. Plan on spending an hour for your first visit.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about anything prior to your visit. Our goal is to provide the highest quality gentle chiropractic care for all of our neighbors from San Clemente, Dana Point to San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Niguel.

We look forward to seeing and serving you soon.

Warmest Regards