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The brain is the most complex organ:

  • 15-33 billion neurons (brain cell)
  • thousands of synapses (connections)
  • uses 20% of the body’s oxygen


The brain is the command center for the nervous system. It controls muscles, hormones and organ function for rapid and coordinated actions.  Behavior and social skills are a sign of how well the brain is stimulated and communicates.  When it is not functioning well we may find ourselves with a list of problems from physical pain to disease.  Not only the right and left brain needs to work beautifully together but  all of the areas of the brain must be connected and communicating correctly.

The spine plays a central role in your physical flexibility, is a relay-station for all the communication within your body and plays an important role in all your physical and emotional reflexes. Creating changes in the spine is a way to creating the change you are looking for in your life – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.



The five gifts of the spine and how they are developed by working with their respective Energetic Intelligences :


Function – Improve the function of the body so that it heals more effectively. (Self-healing, muscle contraction, organ function, hormonal balance)


Emotion – The ability to express a full range of emotions, to access those energies to create change.


Sense of Self – What it means to be yourself, to feel confident.

Behavior – Daily routines and rituals, to create empowering habits and stop the ones not serving you, such as smoking or alcohol.

Consciousness – Being self-aware, being present, living joyfully to express more fully who you are at the core of your being.


The connection between your spine and your body