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Connecting Body, Mind and Soul

Spinal Vitality is a place that you come to heal and grow.  We are located in the beautiful city of San Clemente, California. Our purpose is to optimize your life experience. We do this by increasing the ability of your brain and body to interpret and process your life experiences, both internal and external, in more constructive ways that increase your level of health and well being. You are able to experience a body that feels light, alive and responsive to your thoughts and needs, becoming a true temple for your spirit to reside. We are proud to serve the communities of San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo. At Spinal Vitality we serve people of all ages, from pregnant moms and babies to the retired.

You can learn from the testimonials below that we have a solution for you.

Spinal Vitality – where our goal is to increase your quality of life

Pain relief is just one of the many benefits care provides for our practice members. Some of the many benefits you have the potential to receive include:

an enhanced physical well-being,
a greater ability to handle stress,
increased desire and ability to live healthier,
your mind and emotions harmonize,
an increased quality of life,
life becomes more fun!

Spinal Vitality offers the above with a unique chiropractic approach that uses gentle touches resulting in easy, pain-free movements created by your own body.

Benefits of Care – 76% of respondents in a study on NSA conducted through the University of Irvine reported improvements in all of these categories


  • Increase in exercise and motivation to exercise
  • Reduction of pain; more flexibility in spine
  • Fewer colds and flu; more energy
  • Less fatigue; fewer headaches
  • Decrease in prescription medicine usage


  • Fewer concerns about small things
  • Greater mental clarity & ability to stay on-task
  • Ability to get more done
  • Greater ability to adapt to change
  • Less stress relative to: emotional well-being, health, work, family, coping with daily challenges


  • More life enjoyment
  • Increase in positive feelings about self
  • Less depression, moodiness, angry outbursts
  • More confidence in dealing with adversity
  • Feeling open when relating with others
  • More experience of relaxation and well-being


  • More openness to inner guidance
  • More positive feelings about self
  • More compassion for self and others
  • Increase in meditation & prayer

99% of the participants in this study wished to continue Network Care

Spinal Vitality Chiropractic Testimonial from Phil

Spinal Vitality Chiropractic Testimonial from Vivian

Spinal Vitality Testimonials

Research, in conjunction with noted neurobiologists, at the Medical College at the University of California, Irvine studied almost 3,000 people receiving Network care across the USA, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico. The study found that Network Care is associated with statistically significant improvement in people’s Health Related Quality of Life. People report sweeping, across the board positive outcomes relative to their: Physical Well-Being, Stress Levels, Emotional and Psychological Well-Being, Life Enjoyment, Lifestyle Changes and Overall Quality of Life. Notable self-reported life improvements from individuals who participated in this monumental research study.

Complete article here

Missy Mulford

Hi. My name is Missy and I have seen chiropractors for the last 20+ years. Let me just say, my mind as blown when I met with Dr. Burton Wagner. Usually, the results I get with Chiropractic adjustments are very short lived.

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I typically tense up before I’m adjusted, then I feel better, then my body goes back to the way it was before the adjustment. With Dr. Wagner, it seemed like he was facilitating my body to heal itself. I was very surprised how good I felt even days after seeing him. Thank you, Dr. Wagner!
Best regards

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Tom C

I’ve been a huge fan of chiropractic for 31 years so I thought I’d seen it all. But Dr. Wagner’s surprisingly gentle approach produced immediate and profound changes for me.

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I’m more relaxed, standing up straighter, and more in touch with my body. He and his office are warm, inviting, peaceful and calm. He is a caring healer and I’m proud to consider myself one of his clients!

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Sue L
Capo Beach

In a mere 2 or 3 months of seeing Dr. Burton Wagner, I have incredible results! When I began seeing Dr. Wagner, I had been having chronic pain in my hip for about 4 years.

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I had consistently gone to chiropractors, where I would receive some temporary relief, but saw little long term improvement. Dr. Wagner’s methods are different from the usual chiropractor, but I decided to give it a try. I am truly happy with the results of at least 80 percent improvement in my pain, and much more flexibility all over. I expect that I will continue to heal and experience greater flexibility as I continue treatment. I am so thankful for Dr. Burton’s help.

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Conrad B

Let me just start by saying that I have never been a believer of chiropractic, until I met Dr. Burton. The idea of snapping bones back into place has always left me with a queasy feeling especially when it comes to the spine.

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His approach is different than any I have seen before. Dr. Burton doesn’t just treat the spine on it’s own, he treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Before we even got to the adjustment we sat down to talk about all of the areas of my well-being. Once we had our initial orientation out of the way we ran a few different tests to see the status of my spine. Then it was finally time for the adjustment, no cracks or pops required. After a few gentle touches we were done. I left feeling relaxed and energized. He followed up our visit with a email reminding me to be aware and listen to my body as it adjust to the treatment. Dr. Burton left me with the distinct impression that he genuinely cared about my well-being and wanted to help me get the most out of life. He is top notch and I’ve already recommend a few family members to try him out for themselves.

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Christina M

What an amazing experience at Spinal Vitality! I was expecting crazy intolerable cracks on my back like my previous chiropractor, which led me to never go back, but with Dr. Wagner, it was like he sprinkled magic potion on my back.

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The tension and knots on my shoulders were gone! It was truly unbelievable. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Wagner to any person or any mom who needs help with releasing tension from all the new pressures of being a new mommy.Thanks Dr. Wagner!

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Scott H

All the reviews are true! Dr. Burton truly is unique in his approach and the results positively show it.

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I used to go to a chiropractor a LONG time ago and I’m amazed at how far its come technology wise. During the initial examination he uses some sophisticated equipment to look for problem areas within your body. This also establishes a baseline so you and he can see the progression within the treatments. Not only is this super cool it’s also quantifiable!

I have to agree with all the other yelpers in that when you leave Dr. Burtons office you feel much more relaxed. Since he has a very gentle approach to making natural adjustments your anxieties of getting your “back cracked” is eliminated!

I would highly recommend him to everyone that has a desire to improve their lifestyle via a healthier spine!

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Kathy G

Dr. Burton Wagner has the most unique approach to correcting spinal issues that I’ve ever experienced. He begins with a scan of the spine and checking other vitals as well in order to give him a baseline of where your body is prior to beginning treatment.

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I was emailed all the reports that the scans produced so I can keep them for my own records, which is fantastic! Since he was able to identify the areas in which my body holds tension, bringing my spine out of proper alignment, he spent most of the treatment time “teaching” my body how to heal and adjust itself. I left the appointment feeling incredibly relaxed and am looking forward to continuing treatment with him. While this isn’t a concern for me specifically, Dr. Wagner also uses a similar approach to treating people suffering from ADD and ADHD. I despise taking drugs for anything, so I want to give a shout out to his drug-free approach to correcting this issue that affects so many people. Regardless of what your challenges are, you will not be disappointed with the fantastic treatment you’ll receive by visiting Dr. Wagner. I can’t say enough positive things about him – he is excellent at what he does!

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Josh S

Dr. Wagner is a great chiropractor and provides a truly unique but specialized experience. I have been to a few chiropractors in my past and they are typically about cracking things and getting you on your way.

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There is definitely a need and place for those services but Dr. Wagner is different in that he is not just looking to fix your current issue, he is looking at ways to fix you as a whole and prevent you from having to come back as often to be “cracked.” He goes through quite an extensive interview and measuring process to determine where you need the most help and what he can do to assist you. He uses a very light touch compared to other chiros and puts you at ease. Then he will also provide you some solutions you can work on at home or at the office to help your body in between visits. Plus he is just a super nice person to deal with. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner.

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Scott F

Dr. Wagner is outstanding. One of the most generous, genuine, and kind hearted people I’ve ever met. It’s extremely rare I’ve met a Doctor this caring and committed to your health. It’s clear there’s both a strong and competent ally in your corner.

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My first 15 min session I felt like 2 weeks of stress had been lifted off my body. I was looser, more relaxed and at ease. I was genuinely shocked to discover how disconnected I’d been, how much the stress and tension had been piling up and I’d just been doing my best to survive it. I “knew” mentally….but being able to EXPERIENCE the difference in a matter of moments, that was a big wake up call. And impressive that he could help me get that result! Dr. Wagner’s technique is fantastic too. Really light and gentle, no hard cracking or twisting my neck or body into weird or scary positions. I was surprised that such a light touch could have such a profound effect. I especially like his holistic approach. I’ve had more than enough “quick fix” types of chiropractic or other healing systems. The ones that just try to get rid of the symptoms, but don’t actually help you really heal or grow. I look forward to this type of authentic care that makes a lasting and sustainable difference, and helps me in my whole life, not just my body. thanks

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Dan B

Right from the start I was put at ease, all the process were explained and he listened to all what i had to say, the first steps were actually scanning by frame to look for spinal mis-alignments and to see what was off center, then another scan to find out what internal organs were out of balance.

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To my suprise the scan showed a large amount of red on my right Lower side, which was very accurate because i had severe Kidney issues that I hadnt discussed with him. The process is all centered around teaching your own body to work the way its supposed to naturaly. what a fantastic program. love it.!

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