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Reorganizational Healing (ROH) is the foundation for all of the services that we offer at Spinal Vitality. ROH enables us to better serve our local communities of San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano with gentle chiropractic care.

ROH focuses on helping you develop a new level of self and body awareness, and a deeper understanding of your core nature so that you can cultivate a more fulfilling and resilient life. So often we wish that if we only knew…what was causing our pain, what was the best solution, why this is happening, what can I do about it…? With ROH we learn our “way” of doing things so that we can always be a positive force for change in our health and our lives.

ROH is an innovative approach to wellness, growth, and behavioral change that helps you create and sustain well-being by bringing the structural, perceptual, and energetic elements of your life and body into an optimal relationship or coherence. There are times in our lives when things just seemed to “click”. Things were easy and it seemed to take little effort to produce amazing results. Through ROH we learn how to properly use the structural, perceptual and energetic elements of our bodies and lives to create that “change” effortlessly.

Unlike other medical and alternative health care approaches that seek to restore, alleviate, suppress, or control, the objective of ROH is to help you raise your baseline function, behavior, and energetic expression to create and sustain well being. We can go back or we can go forward and in life “there ain’t no goin’ back”. Most therapies try to get you back to a previous state just before you fell apart. In ROH we recognize that developing the resources and tools to be better than you ever were before is the only true way to improving your health.

ROH has three central components that work together to ensure that you are able to consciously grow, evolve, and experience well being throughout your life.

    • The Seasons of Well-Being refer to distinct rhythms or periods during one’s journey in life.

    • The Triad of Change addresses the process of change

    • The Energetic Intelligences address the energetic aptitudes that change requires

We add these concepts into your gentle chiropractic care so that you truly find and develop your resources to increase your health and well-being beyond what you thought was possible.

The Seasons of Well Being

Explore in the Season of Discover

The first stage of Discover is a hard place to be in as we feel powerless, helpless and overwhelmed from our daily activities such as driving in traffic, work, kids.

In discover, we are focused on ourselves. We live in a state of stress that puts our bodies into a physiology of defense where most of the decisions made are based on what would be good for us in just the next few moments. We feel as though Life happens to us, and that we don’t have any choice. It can be very painful.

The Season of Discover also brings a lot of gifts. When we learn to discover, we can often find resolve in learning what is going on. There is peace in the actual discovering process.

As we advance in the Season of Discover, we learn to find more energy, inner peace and trust. Our nervous system can start functioning at a higher level opening the possibility to make choices, or decisions, in the long term and for a more compelling future.

Through our gentle chiropractic care we’ll teach you new ways of connecting to what your body really needs so you can begin to heal.

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The process in the Season of Discover is to first acknowledge and fully experience the energy and/or emotion at the heart of the issue or concern. This can be done in a simple three-stage process:

1) connect with a part of the self that is disconnected either somatically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually

2) notice the rhythm within the disconnection by fully being with any “charge” or polarity associated with the situation; and finally

3) immerse completely in any feeling of stuckness or frustration, which is often met by feeling the urgency for more.

When these three steps are experienced, individuals often notice a surge of available energy and a deep-felt need to take new action as the system reorganizes to the next more complex and energy-rich Season of Transform.

Key Words of Discover: Powerless – Defense – Learning – Security


As we move through the Season of Transform we are empowered by the energy we were previously storing in our body as tension, that was causing us pain. That energy is now allowing us to expand our emotional and mental ranges to change our chronic “stories” and patterns of being as we become more whole and recognize that they were not serving us but rather holding us back.

We eat better, take concrete actions, we find within the motivation to make our life better. Life no longer happens to us but rather we take control of our lives. We recognize that the choices we made have lead us to where we are today and that the choices we make today become our goals for tomorrow.

At Spinal Vitality Chiropractic center we work with your spine to assist you in stretching outside your comfort zone, to find your power within, allowing you to find and feel the possibilities on the other side. You’ll feel a wider variety of emotions to better express your true self.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with”
Tony Robbins

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The change within the Season of Transform is situated within a four-stage process:

1) empowerment/ action/courage

2) merge beyond the energy/emotion

3) harness the energy/emotion into a state of pure readiness; and finally

4) resolution. This process can be done with any situation in life or with life as a whole.

Trying to get a person to genuinely change before they are ready for this season is literally a losing battle no matter what altitude the individual is at.

Key words in Transform: Action – Motivation – Energized – Achieving Goals


In awaken, we do exactly that – awaken to our full potential. In Awaken, one develops the power of gratitude, awe, amazement, love, and benevolence through the experience of an unlimited source of spacious body, breath, energy, and possibility. It does not mean our bodies are perfect, but that we see the glory of life and are grateful for it.

We approach life with the heart first, then the mind. We want to share our joy and our passions.

Our bodies and minds are able to expand to greater concepts, to peace within, to understanding the interconnection of all people; fueling community and humanitarian interests. It is about the experience of the energy of human spirit and love.

It is about claiming a new life and formulating new actions based on an expanded, conscious and awakened perspective of our interdependence and connection. This season is more likely to be associated with the need to give love, spiritual growth, and the need to contribute beyond oneself.

How efficient do you think your nervous system needs to be to achieve and operate in this state?

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The hallmarks of the Season of Awaken are essentially six waves of being:

1) to be aware of gratitude in the foreground of one’s awareness. This is merged awareness of existence without the dominance of thoughts or the need to be someone

2) awareness of the space between people, words, events—a sense of rhythm permeating everything

3) experience of the energy within, and beyond the physical universe and its connection with love, and its universality

4) the experience that you are that energy or love and beyond time or prior concepts of space

5) you have gifts of love and of essence in the way you do things and show up that you must share and give

6) you explore and seek the gifts in all circumstances and others.

Key Words: Synchronicity – Connectedness – Expanded Consciousness


In the Season of Integration we realize that our life is not meant to be only in one season. Exploring our potential is important when we have something to explore, transforming is vital to create the life we really want, awaken transcends us to appreciate the gift of our life. The magic of the Season of Integration is to know how to blend the seasons together for bringing the depth, knowledge and gifts of each into one’s life.

The season of Integrate happens when a person revisits a previous season while maintaining the perspectives from a subsequent season. The season of Integrate allows an individual to create a greater depth of experience through elements of more than one season at a time while gaining the wisdom or gift of the previous season.

Integrate is initiated through physical/structural, emotional, mental, social, cultural, and/or spiritual changes creating a need for a greater level of depth of a previous season. Integrate is the season of conscious choice about one’s life, the energies and types of intelligence one uses, the resources one has available, one’s resourcefulness, one’s style and the ways one will experience one’s reality and share one’s gifts.

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The Season of Integrate is the unification of the paradox of more than one season. Its hallmarks are:

1) recognition of the season you are living in
2) recognition of the attributes you flavor that season with
3) conscious application of second-season attributes to the first season while maintaining both simultaneously in awareness.