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Dr. Wagner is a Level 3 certified practitioner (the highest certification level)

Network Spinal Analysis(NSA) is an advanced, holistic chiropractic approach to healing the spine and nervous system in order to improve your overall level of health and your quality of life.

We are thrilled to offer this unique chiropractic approach for those looking for gentle chiropractic care in our local communities of San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente and Laguna Niguel.

NSA uses gentle touches ( called a Spinal Entrainment) that have been shown to help the central nervous system reorganize and evolve, resulting in easy, pain-free movements created by your own body. Instead of pushing on the painful areas we use this gentle touch to stimulate those parts of your body and nervous system that are open and receptive so that we upgrade how your nervous system functions which increases how your body functions.

People receiving NSA care are able to more quickly and easily decrease pain and adapt to change while developing a greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind, and emotions. How much easier could your life be if your body andresearch on NSA mind were functioning optimally? People receiving NSA care not only feel less overall stress in their lives but are more able to use the stress in their lives to reach that “next level” without getting beat-up in the process. Getting out of defense mode and into growth!

NSA does not seek to “fix” you but actually helps you heal at the deepest level, release stored stress and pain from your body, and actually learn how to transform stress and pain into growth and evolution. How? By implementing new strategies in your nervous system that upgrade your ability to handle information (everything that happens in your personal and professional life) more efficiently.

NSA is divided into 3 levels of care to lead you progressively to a greater state of health, awareness and resourcefulness:

  • In Discover, you will explore how you store and release past stored tensions and daily stress with ease.
  • In Transform, you’ll learn to use those energies (tensions) as fuel for growth and change.
  • In Awaken, you will experience an expansion of consciousness and mind-body connection.
Spinal Vitality Chiropractic Network Spinal Analysis

Catching the Network Waves:
Three Levels of Care

The gentle touches along the spine in NSA care cue the brain to create wellness promoting strategies, and two “healing waves” develop as a result of those cues, allowing for the release of spinal and life tensions, improved motion and a feeling of well-being. The “Somatopsychic” wave is associated with a dolphin-like undulation or movement of the spine during treatment, an indication that the body and mind are connecting fully. The “Respiratory” wave involves profound rhythmic breathing that begins at the base of the spine, moves upward between the shoulder blades, around the shoulders and into the neck, “melting” vertebral tension, enhancing the correction of subluxations and bringing the patient to a deep level of relaxation.

These waves, unique to Network Chiropractic, have been shown to assist in the self-regulation of tension and energy within the body’s matrix of nerve, bone and connective tissue. They move energy that has become “stuck,” letting the body revitalize and self-correct distortions in alignment and posture.  Here is a link to a research study done on the Network waves

Patients progress through three levels of NSA care, more or less riding the waves.

In Level 1, the objective is to develop awareness of the Respiratory wave, gradually releasing body-mind defensive tensions rigidity in response to stresses and fears as more areas of the spine begin to move in rhythm with the breath.

As the patient’s system develops the breath wave, he learns to reassess and reorganize the body/mind link, gaining greater awareness of that connection.

Level 2 builds on the safety mechanism of the breath wave, helping the individual tap into that old tension as fuel for transformation while the NSA practitioner’s touch produces Somatopsychic waves. It happens without conscious thought, yet gives the patient a strategy for energetic self-regulation. As the wave becomes more refined, the vertebrae begin moving more independently, producing the sensation of energy rippling up and down the spine. Old patterns of tension fade and patients commonly note a willingness to make conscious behavioral changes and choices about the way they want to live.

In Level 3, the body develops a more refined strategy to retrieve and reorganize energy for transformation and evolution — a process that leads with the heart rather than the mind. The patient’s awareness and ability to self-correct increase and the body learns to focus breath and energy into the chest and heart, where an experience of love and gratitude is felt . . . increased compassion for others, heightened intuition and a deepening of self-knowledge.

Watch Dr. Epstein, the developer of NSA, explain and demonstrate this unique work.

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