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Improving your health doesn’t have to take more time, more work, or even more money. What it does require is the right information and tools to be aware, to make eating and moving healthy, fun, and part of a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Mindful Living is the key to live happily!

How much easier could your life be if your body and mind were functioning optimally?

Network Spinal Analysis(NSA) is an advanced, holistic approach to healing the nervous system in order to improve body communication to increase your overall level of health and your quality of life. We are thrilled to offer this unique approach in our local communities of San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente and Laguna Niguel.

NSA uses gentle touches (called a Spinal Entrainment) that have been shown to help the central nervous system reorganize and evolve, resulting in easy, pain-free movements created by your own body. Instead of pushing on the painful areas we use this gentle touch to stimulate those parts of your body and nervous system that are open and receptive so that we upgrade how your nervous system functions which increases how your body functions.

Both Burton and Emma Wagner are Level 3 certified practitioner (the highest certification level) in Network Spinal Analysis(NSA).

People receiving NSA care are able to more quickly and easily decrease pain and adapt to change while developing a greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind, and emotions. People receiving NSA care not only feel less overall stress in their lives but are more able to use the stress in their lives to reach that “next level” without getting beat-up in the process.
Spinal Vitality Chiropractic changes your spine and nervous system
Get out of defense mode and into growth!

NSA does not seek to “fix” you but actually helps you heal at the deepest level, release stored stress and pain from your body, and actually learn how to transform stress and pain into growth and evolution. How? By implementing new strategies in your nervous system that upgrade your ability to handle information (everything that happens in your personal and professional life) more efficiently.