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After practicing for the last 12 years in France we are thrilled to share our gentle chiropractic expertise with our local San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach,
San Juan Capistrano and Mission Viejo communinties.

We utilize the tools of Reorganizational Healing (The Triad of Change TOC, The Seasons of Well-Being and the Energetic Intelligences, Network Spinal Analysis NSA, Somato-Respiratory Integration SRI) to help move you from where you are now to where you need to be ;

We are your San Clemente Chiropractic center focused on your overall health and well-being,

let’s activate the magic in you.

Burton Wagner, D.C.


Reorganizational Healing and Living Coach

I am a Southern Californian born and bred and have been living and running Chiropractic office in France for the last 12 years with my wife, Veronique. I have now chosen to move back to San Clemente with my wife and kids to be closer to my parents and family. I am really excited to be here to able to help my San Clemente and surrounding communities achieve a higher quality of life.

I have always been interested in that “something more” since I was a child and have looked to getting more out of life, not just something material but something I can carry in my being. Having lived abroad, traveled and met people from all around our world my focus and goal has been creating a center of health and healing for the families of my community to find solutions to the problems that hold them back in life. I have chosen to specialize in a very gentle kind of chiropractic called NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) to do just that, and I have added an expertise in the care of dysfunctional kids.

I believe that the health of an individual is extremely important because it helps define the health of our society. I believe that a healthy and un-medicated child is one of our best hopes for a brighter future. If we are to live in a truly healthy and joyful society we need to have the greatest number of healthy and fulfilled individuals as possible.

V. Emma Wagner

Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach

Reorganizational Healing Coach

I was born and raised in Africa as my father was an M.D. in the French military. Travelling a lot during my youth I saw misery, happiness, needy people having a happy life and rich people that were unhappy. When it came time to choose a life’s purpose and work, it made sense to me to find a career that allowed me to help others. What I find with chiropractic is not only a way to help people get better but to help them make profound changes in their lives, to help them in seeing the best part of what is so special in life.

I especially enjoy working with kids and pregnant women because I know how helpful this care is during pregnancy as I have 2 kids myself. I also love how it makes me feel more conscious of my body, my needs, my strengths, and how I feel more empowered in my life.

When we added to our expertise the work of Yannick Pauli, D.C. on dysfunctional kids, we took an extra step in making this world better for ourselves and for our kids. I’m looking forward to working here in this beautiful part of the world to bring my expertise and to continue expanding my knowledge.