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August 1, 2017
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Our 5 keys to aging well

 I, Burton, am celebrating my 50th birthday this month and it is a great time to reflect on how I have aged to this point and how I want to continue aging. There are lots of things we can do to stay young and stay healthy these days.  There is no lack of products out there for us to buy.  Sometimes I like to think that seeing my body get older wont bother me, but in truth it does.  I, like probably you all, want to have a youthful and vibrant body, mind and spirit.  With that in mind we’d like to share with you our 5 keys that we use in our lives to age well and stay young in heart and body. 

1.  Eating healthy as a family – we appreciate the time to come together and talk, tell stories and eat a good meal together.  Studies show that eating in a happy environment helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients.  We focus on real whole food and enjoy having a little garden to get fresh veggies on the table.  For us the key is enjoying our meals as a family.

2.  Excess in moderation.  Yea, that’s right.  Imperfection is a part of life and we can not control everything.  Trying to control everything makes us rigid and frustrated.  We believe in keeping a balance in life so we allow ourselves the ability to have little excesses.  Recognizing what is excess is the key.  Too much alcohol, or sugar or even exercise can become harmful when done regularly in excess.  A drink or the decadent chocolate cake are pleasures that we feel are necessary in life.  Life is short and we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.

3.  Time spent outdoors being active.  Even if some weeks we don’t make it to the gym, outdoor time is important for us.  We love to take walks along the beach and have that time to connect with Nature and each other.  We feel the necessity to get unplugged from our electronics and ground ourselves with the sun, wind and elements.  The key for us is to recognize how special this time is for us.

4.  Sleep, of course.  (If I don’t get enough then I’m a grumpy gus.  LOL)  We all have different needs in terms of the amount of sleep we need to be regenerated.  We can’t always seem to find an easy routine that works every day but we make sure to get the sleep that we need; we adjust our going to bed time based on when we have to get up.  Right now we are getting up early in the morning by going to bed earlier at night.  We are really just working on finding our natural sleep rhythm and then keeping it going as a regular routine.  Being adaptable to our sleep patterns and needs is the key.

5.  Chiropractic to nurture our health.  We both have been under chiropractic care for about 20 years now and what a tremendous impact it has had on our lives, health and aging well. We experience better joint flexibility, clearer thoughts, less pain and mainly the confidence in our bodies ability to heal.  Learning how we can empower our body to function at a higher level is the key. 

We would love to hear about your keys to aging well so please share your key points in the comments below.

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