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July 1, 2017
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September 11, 2017
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7 Amazing Facts Scientific American Writes About Our Brains

“7 Amazing Facts Scientific American Writes About Our Brains”

Shopping at Sprouts, I noticed this Scientific American Magazine on the Mysteries of the Mind and how to get the most out of my brain. Let me share with you the high points I got from reading it.

  1. Being engaged in social situations is a key to our memory’s “fountain of youth”.
    When we moved back to California 3 years ago with my parents-in-law (80+ yo), we moved into a nest that had a decreased level of social activity. I remember very clearly my mother-in-law being amazed and so happy at the life and youth that came flowing into their lives by having the kids and us move in with them. I am not certain it helped their memory but I know it helped them want to live a healthy and happier life.
  2. Size doesn’t matter… don’t believe the hype. Lol .
    A human brain is bigger than dolphin, lion or chimpanzee brains. But when you compare the size of one human brain to another, the larger of the two is not necessarily the most intelligent one. As far as brains go intelligence is based on the number of connections linking the different areas of the brain and not on size.
  3. As we meditate and focus our attention on different feelings (Mindfulness, love or breath), we activate different areas of our brain. It really is amazing how much scientists today are able to learn about our brain function. They are exploring to see if meditation creates more connections in the brain for better information processing, better attention and internal body sensations.
    Meditation has always been close to my heart, it is what cured me of headaches 25 years ago. Check out this video by Rinpoche explaining how we can meditate anytime, anywhere.
    In our office we offer Somato Respiratory Integration workshops which combine breath, focused attention and touch to create a meditative state that enables our healing. SRI is a great tool for self-managing our stress and our healing.
  4. Nutritional Psychiatry is on the rise for good mental health and cognitive staying power.
    Finding the perfect nutritional supplement for a healthy brain has been on the minds of many companies. You’ve probably noticed how many supplements for the Brain are on the market and how challenging it is to pick the right one.
    For our BLISS clients, we recommend a paleo, whole food diet and use clinical Nutrition to correct the imbalances that already exist.
  5. An unhealthy diet causes damage to the hippocampus which is essential in learning and memory. Sadly an unhealthy diet is the standard American diet high in sugar, starches and processed foods. When we moved here from France and I saw the food served in the cafeteria here compared to France I begin to wonder how kids could focus and concentrate after lunch.  In France kids eating in the cafeteria are given a fresh vegetable with every meal. To make eating healthy easy I created a 5 day program to help moms get healthy food on their kids plates for lunch.  Check out our blog “10 best foods for the brain”
  6. Research shows how cognitive exercises benefit cancer survivors, children with attention deficit, people with schizophrenia and others. This is what we are doing in our BLISS program, Brain Building from the bottom up through core exercise, specific brain exercise and cognitive exercises. Learn more now about the BLISS program.
  7. The Brain is the most adaptable of all our organs.
    Research is looking to age-proof our brains and making them more resistant to dementia. They found that education, especially becoming bi-lingual seems to help secure brain health. Personally, I love being able to speak two languages, knowing that it keeps my brain healthy and young is another reason I need to be thankful.

One last thing, take the time to laugh – Humor as medicine is no Joke.

At Spinal Vitality, we know the importance of incorporating the natural healers (sun, fresh air, laughter…) to have a healthy brain and improve brain function.
Would you like to get the most out of your brain?
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